2002 Death Valley Trip with Dad
by Jim Wolff

March 2002

All words and photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.

This was the first time my father had ever been to Death Valley. On the way up we visited Manzanar. My father was very impressed with all of Death Valley and really enjoyed the trip. You will have to forgive some of these photos. It was the last time I used my old Minolta 35MM SLR, which had a bad seal allowing light to affect some of these images.



Panamint Valley from Father Crowley Point. Snow covered Telescope Peak in the distance.

Zabriskie Point.

Me and Dad at Zabriskie Point. Photographer unknown.

Dad at Zabriskie Point.

Mustard Canyon.

Me and Dad at Salt Creek. Photographer unknown.

Salt Creek.

Salt Creek where we saw lots of pupfish.

Near Ubehebe Crater.

Ubehebe Crater.

Scottys Castle.

Scottys Castle courtyard.

Inside Scottys Castle.

Overlooking Scottys Castle.

Dad looking down at Scottys Castle.

Sand dune near Stove Pipe Wells.

The highest sand dunes.

It took me about about 1.5 hours to hike there and back. Dad waited in the car.

Artist Pallet

Golden Canyon, where we took a short hike.

Badwater, lowest point in the USA.

Dad at Badwater with Telescope Peak in the distance.

Me and Dad at the Badwater sign. Photographer unknown.

Close up of the salt flats near Badwater.

South of Badwater looking north across Death Valley.

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