Mt. Baden Powell Hike
by Jim Wolff

30 May 2004

All words and photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.

This was a great hike with Dana, Zhanna, and Paul. It was also the last hike before Paul moved from LA to Bend Oregon.

Baden Powell trailhead.

Jim, Zhanna, and Dana doing morning yoga. Photo by Paul Spencer.

Paul doing his version of the morning yoga. Photo by Zhanna Drantyev

Zhanna doing more yoga half way up the trail at the first snow patch. Photo by Paul Spencer.

Nearing the summit.

The "Wally" Waldron Tree.

The "Wally" tree sign.

The trail near The "Wally" Waldron Tree.

Mt. Baden Powell summit.

Zhanna and Dana on the summit, Paul over on the far right, Mt. Baldy in the distance.






Paul taking a picture of me.

Jim taking a picture of the group.

Zhanna taking a picture of Jim.

Dancing hikers. Photo by a guy from Amsterdam hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Mt. Baden Powell summit sign. Photo by Paul Spencer.

A guy in a kilt cooking some cereal on the trail.

After leaving Baden Powell the trail Islip Saddle goes through areas were the 2003 fires burned.

Burned trees.

Burned trees.

New growth.

Photoshop version of happy hikers.

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