Bridge to Nowhere Hike
by Jim Wolff

14 November 2004

All words and photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.

The story.

Pre-hike preparations.

Starting off.

Approaching the first crossing.

Surprisingly the water was not that cold.

Looking up stream.

Sometimes it was hard to find the trail.

Zhanna crosses the river, again!.

We arrive at the bridge where bungy jumpers are getting ready to leap.

The bridge to nowhere.

The narrow gorge below the bridge.

The bridge to nowhere.

Zhann, Dana, Elena, and Don watch the bungy jumpers.

Jim and the bridge. Photo by Zhanna Drantyev.

Vlada and Inga on the bridge. Photo by ?.

The bridge to nowhere.

Zhanna, Inga, and ? having a snack in the sun near the birdge. Photo by ?.

Group photo. Photo by an unknown person.

The hike back.

Panorama view as we hike back down into the canyon.

A rock arrow helped us find the trail leading to the bridge.

Interesting rock formations.

Dana, Mike, Elena, and Lisa cross the river.

We had to do a little climbin on the way back.

The narrow trail.

Elena, Lisa, and Dana took the high road.

Dana and Scott with Larry in the distance.

Dana near the end of the hike and colorful autumn leaves.

Resting in the parking lot. Some boy scouts were amazed we did the round trip in 5 hours.

One of the hikers with a broken boot which he tried to fix with a sock.

Group shot without Jim.

Group shot with all 18 hikers. From left to right standing: Vlada, Bob, Mark, Carrol, Scott, Craig, and Inga with her arm around Terry. In front from left to right sitting: Jim, Dana, Willy, Mark, Zhanna, Larry (no shirt), Don (behind Larry), Elena, Lisa, and Mike. Photo by an unknown person.

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