2004 Catalina Marathon
by Jim Wolff

March 2004

All words and photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.

This was the second year in a row I ran the Catalina Marathon. The early morning clouds eventually burned off and it grew hotter.

Samir, Paulina, and Irving in the front cabin on the boat ride over.

Looking back toward LA now nearly over the horizon.

Santa Catalina Island where the magic will happen.


Tee shirts. Looks like someone is in love.

Irving ponders the nature of life.

Irving, Samir, and Paulina enjoy the evening conversation in Samir's B&B.

Marathon morning. Sleepy runners disembark.

The Catalina Flyer.

Irving is ready to go.

Jim near the starting line. Photo by Samir Shahin.

Samir is ready to make it happen.

Jim, Irving, and Samir at the starting line. Photo by a fellow runner.

More runners at the starting line. From left to right (in the center) Paul Durant, Keith Gayhart, Angela Brunson, and Joanna Lee.


The first big hill.

Hey Irving why aren't you running?

The first aid station.

Irving running with a woman we met on the boat over and her brother. It is their first marathon.

Composite shot of the windward side of the island as we make our way up another big hill.

Looking back at another aid station near the entrance to a long canyon.

Hey Irving wait for me.

You may find yourself, running a marathon in Catalina.

The top of Pumphouse Hill, mile 19 or so

Looking east.

Can you hear me now?

Jim at the top of the last big hill above Avalon. Official race photo.

Several feet beyond. Photo by a aid station worker.

Jim at the finish. Official race photo.



Boardwalk in downtown Avalon.

The day after, Avalon Harbor and the Casino.

Jim contemplates the meaning of life. Photo by Irving Hoffman.

Waiting for the boat home. Photo by an unknown person.

Heading out on the way back home.

San Pedro Harbor, the Matsu Envoy.

Jim's photoshop version of the Matsu Envoy.

The Vincent St. Thomas Bridge.

Jim's photoshop version of the Vincent St. Thomas Bridge.

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