Rim-Rim-Rim Grand Canyon Run
by Jim Wolff

9-10 October 2004

All words and photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.

Leona and I left Thursday 7 October 2004 and drove to Laughlin Nevada. The next day we drove to the south rim. On Saturday everyone met in the lobby of the Bright Angel Lodge and took a bus to the South Kaibab trailhead at Yaki Point. We started at 6:02 AM. Temperatures were warm even at the rim but surprisingly did not get too hot in the bottom of the canyon. I finished in 8 hours and 45 minutes, which was about .5 hours faster than in 2001. Leona drove around and was at the trailhead to greet me and to give Lori, Rob, and I a ride back to the Grand Canyon Lodge.

After getting cleaned up we all enjoyed the views from the patio and then had dinner at 5:15 PM. The sunset was great.

Sunday morning we met at the saloon for coffee then boarded a van at 6:15 AM for the short drive to the trailhead. We left at 6:25 AM. The temperature was cooler due to clouds that eventually provided some rain starting at Cottonwood Campground. The rain was never very heavy and I welcomed its cooling effects. I arrived at the south rim in 8 hours and 15 minutes, over an hour faster than in 2001

It was a great trip and it was fun to share it with such a great group of people.

A poem by Jim Wolff Bright Angel Canyon, North Kaibab Trail - Grand Canyon written in 2000.

Photos I took on the drive back home.2004 Road Pictures on the Way Home from the Grand Canyon.

From the south rim looking north up Bright Angel Canyon.

Jim, Lori, and Dana the night before the big run. Photo by Leona Wolff.

Lori and Dana at the South Kaibab trailhead, 6:02 AM.

Oh Ah Point, Lori, Dana, and Jim. Photo by Peg Rainey.

Dana at Oh Ah Point. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Dropping down below Oh Ah point.

Dana following.

O'Neill Butte.

O'Neill Butte.

Looking west up at the south rim.

Another shot of O'Neill Butte.

And another of O'Neill Butte.

About a third of the way down the trail looking south back up the trail. Looking at the north side of O'Neill Butte.

Lori drops down a rocky section.

Looking northeast on the South Kaibab.

A flat section near the Tonto Trail intersection looking south.

Nearing the inner gorge.

The Colorado River and the eastern bridge.

Wow, now that is a big drop! Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

The silver bridge looking west.

Sumner Butte.

Lori running down the last section of trail leading to the river.


Lori and I crossing the bridge. Photo by Tracy.

Heading north up Bright Angel Canyon from Phantom Ranch.

A side canyon where Phantom Creek spills into Bright Angel Creek.

Phantom Creek.

Plant growing on cliff.

Dana and Lori set up their cameras in the narrow sections of Bright Angel Canyon.

Bright Angel Canyon in the section known as "The Box".

Dana meets a good friend from Texas running in the opposite direction (north to south). Small world. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

The narrow section gives way to wider sections as you climb.

Peg and Jim loading up on water at Cottonwood Campground. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Looking up you see the north rim high above.

Lori and Dana in front with Scott and Elena following.

Near Roaring Springs. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Just below Roaring Springs where we make the turn up the last 4.5 mile 3,500 foot climb.

Out destination is way up there. But first we have to climb up Roaring Springs Canyon.

Cliffs on opposite side of the canyon.

Looking east back down the trail.

Higher looking down the trail.

Looking down the trail.

Dana and Scott are obviously excited to be there. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

The trail crosses the bridge into the hot sun on the relentless climb to the north rim.

Scott approaching the Supai Tunnel. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Supai Tunnel.

Inside the Supai Tunnel with views of the final cliffs leading to the north rim and the colorful fall leaves. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Water at just above the Supai Tunnel. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Dana, Scott, and Lori. Photo by Tracy.

Coconino Overlook about a mile below the north rim. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Lori and Dana and their little red alien friend at Coconino Overlook. Photo by Tracy.

The leaves are turning above Coconino Overlook.

Peg and Jim arrive at the North Kaibab trailhead. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

View from the north rim looking south.

Jim, after a shower, and Leona enjoying the view from the Grand Canyon Lodge. Photo by Rob Rainey.

Leona and Jim pose with the Grand Canyon. Photo by Rob Rainey.

From left to right; in front Glen and Krista, and behind Robert, Jim, Dana, Lori, and Rob.

Rob in front of the Grand Canyon Lodge.

Sunset over the Grand Canyon.

Sunrise Sunday before we start the run back to the south rim. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Clouds threaten. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Jim and Lori. Photo by Tracy.

Dana catching up down in "The Box". Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Tracy and Jim approaching Phantom Rancy. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

The next day back at Phantom Ranch on the way back to the South Rim. From left to right; Tracy, Jim, Lori, and Dana. Only 10 more miles to go and 5,000 feet of uphill. Photo by a fellow hiker.

Between Phantom Ranch and the river.

Stone bridge that crosses Bright Angel Creek on the way to the Silver Bridge. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

The Silver Bridge over the Colorado River.

Approaching the Silver Bridge.

Dana crosses the river.

Up river.

Jim's feet and the river.

Looking east up the Colorado River from The River Trail. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Dana and Jim prepare to cross Pipe Creek. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Along Pipe Creek with the south rim high above. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Pipe Creek. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Dana and Tracy move ahead and up. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Mules along the lower sections of the Bright Angel Trail.

Bright Angel Trail.

Bright Angel Trail just below Indian Gardens.

Just below Indian Gardens. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Near Indian Gardens. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

The trail winds up the cliffs. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Lori is at one with the canyon.

Looking across to the north rim. We had light rain, making for a much cooler day than Saturday.

Bright Angel Trail.

Sunrise on the South Rim near Bright Angel Lodge.

Sunrise on Monday morning. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

More sunrise shots. Photo by Lori Pratt Smith.

Looking down at Indian Garden from the south rim.

Monday morning breakfast. From left to right; Ron, Chris, Peg, Rob, Leona, Jim, Scott, and Elena. Photo by unknown.

Extra composite photos

The way north.

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