2004 San Gabriel 50K Ultra Marathon
by Jim Wolff

3 April 2004

All words and photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.

This was the first time running this race and it was a killer. It starts on the summit of Mt. Wilson then goes down to Chantry Flat around Mt. Zion then back to Chantry then back up to the summit of Mt. Wilson. I was thankful for the cool temperatures and overcast skies. Whew. The funny thing is that I came in second in my age group. Don't tell anyone but there were only two people in my age group.

Chantry Flat aid station the first of three times arriving there. Dana on the far right strikes a pose.

Above the clouds as we run down Mt. Wilson.

Dana (in front) with Gabriella are all smiles.

Jim in Santa Anita Canyon. Official race photo.

Aid station in Santa Anita Canyon.

Jim at the finish line. Official race photo.

The summit of Mt. Wilson after the race.

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