2006 Sierra Challenge
by Jim Wolff

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Official Reports and Photos for the 2006 Sierra Challenge

4 - 13 August 2006

All words and photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.

Another year and another challenge. We had very high expectations but unfortunately they didn't pan out as expected. A wrong turn on the way up Mt. Johnson then just feeling very tired on Mt. Tom prevented us from bagging these summits. Nevertheless, it was great to get away from the city and back into the mountains. No matter how tired the joy we experienced on and off the trails was incredible. I'm already looking foward to next year. Thanks to Bob for all the work he puts in to this event.

Lamarck Peak - 3 August 2006

Grass Lake.

Above Grass Lake.

Approach to Lamarck Col.

Mt. Emerson to the north and Piute Crags, below Lamarck Lake.

Above the use trail leading to Lamarck Col.

Crossing the snow fields below Lamarck Col.

Steep slope.

More snow ahead below the col.

Ridge below Lamarck Peak (out of sight).

Sky visible above Lamarck Col. A small lake is just below the snow.

Lamarck Peak comes into view 800 feet above.

Lamarck Peak.

Looking back toward the east.

Lamarck Col and small lake.

Looking north toward Mt. Humphreys.

Looking east toward Mt. Everson and the Piute Crags.

The last 400 feet up Lamarck Peak.

Looking down toward the col far below.

The trail?

Jim on the summit with wind filling his pants. Photo by Cal.

Meadow shot on the way back.

Meadow on the way back..

Approaching the switchbacks leading down to Lamarck Lakes.

Mt. Tom - 4 August 2006

Mt Tom.

Mt. Basin.

Four wheel drive road to trailhead.

Mt. Basin.

Mt. Tom.

We start the climb between Basin and Tom on an old mining road that leads to Horton Lake.

Cal trying to catch the morning glow on the peaks.

As we ascend the old mining road on the south side of Mt. Tom we can see the approach to the west side of Mt. Basin, which we all climbed in 2004.

Looking southwest.

Peter and Cal make the ridge of Mt. Tom.

The southwest ridge of Mt. Tom. The summit still looks a long way off.

Peter and Cal approach from the south.

Peter turned back but Cal and I continued up the semi-loose talus slope.

Looking north from the west slope of Mt. Tom.

Looking down to the northwest from the west slop of Mt. Tom.

Looking northwest toward Mt. Dade, Mt. Abbot etc.

Didn't make the summit due to being tired and running low on time. Jim back at the ridge before descending the endless switchbacks. Photo by Cal.

Close up of Jim. Photo by Cal.

Almost back to the trailhead.

White flowers.

White flowers.

Mt. Johnson - 5 August 2006

Mt. Johnson from the just below one of the upper Treasure Lakes. Unfortunately we mistakenly took the drainage to the right thinking that Mt. Johnson was to the right. Only when we got up there did I realize the mistake. It is so obvious to me in hindsight.

/Cal packs up his poles.

Peter and Cal.

North face of Mt. Johnson. It was about this time that I realized we were on the wrong mountain. So we climbed over to the glacier below Mt. Johnson. I took the snow down and Peter and Cal stayed mostly on the talus (which was a lot of work).

Area north of Mt. Johnson.

Just above the use trail leading down to the Treasure Lakes. Hurd Peak is on the right in the distance.

Mt. Agassiz - 6 August 2006

South Lake trailhead.

Mt. Goode reflected in Long Lake. Cal and I climbed Mt. Goode in 2005. We did good.

The east face of Hurd Peak from the south.

The south slope of Mt. Goode on the right. "Mt. No-Goode" is on the left.

Peter heading up to Bishop Pass.

On the northwest slope of Mt. Agassiz looking back down at Bishop Pass and the Bishop Lakes.

Call reflects on the incredible view and contemplates the difficult climb ahead.

One of several snow patchs we had to skirt in the chute leading to the summit.

Peter makes his way through the talus.

Cal takes a picture of me while we catch our breath.

We headed for the low spot in the middle then turned left toward the summit (behind the small peak on the left).

It is always amazing to me when I find the beautiful flowers so high up on the rugged mountains.

Looking southwest into Dusty basin..

Cal on the summit.

Jim on the summit with register. Photo by Cal.

Another summit shot. Photo by Cal.

Looking south Mt. Winchell, Thunderbolt Peak, North Palisade, Mt. Sill.

From the summit looking east and down.

Looking northeast toward Mt. Robinson.

Looking north from the summit.

Peter and Cal kick back.

Dusty Basin looking west.

Climbing down we found a small use trail (very loose).

Peter finding his way through the maze.

Cal guids Peter over some slabs. We didn't want to slip and hit the snow.

Looking up at Mt. Azassiz. We followed the chute on the right with several snow patches. At the top we climbed left toward the summit. It is a 2,000 foot climb from where I took this picture in about one mile.

Mt. Gould - 8 August 2006

Kearsarge Pass trail on the way to Mt. Gould.

Looking southwest.




Northwest toward Kearsarge Pass. Mt. Gould to the right.

Cal and Peter point the way.

Kearsarge Pass.

Pothole Lake from the pass.

Looking southwest from Kearsarge Pass toward Kearsarge Lakes and Kearsarge Pinnacles.

Peter follows as we begin the climb up to Mt. Gould.

Looking southwest toward Kearsarge Pinnicles and East Vidette beyond.

The slope below the summit of Mt. Gould, north.

Cal on the false summit of Mt. Gould.

From the lower summit the real summit to the north.

Cal and Peter sign the register.

Looking north we consider the route down to Golden Trout Lake between Mt. Gould and Dragon Peak.

Looking south back at Mt. Gould.

We will drop down this scree and talus slope toward Golden Trout Lake which is just out of view.

Mt. Gould's east face.

One slope down several more to go.

Peter above taking care not to toss any boulders down on my head.

Below Cal approaches Golden Trout Lake where we hope to find the trail at it's drainage.

Looking back up at our route down off Mt. Gould finally on the shore of Golden Trout lake.

Can you see the trail? The trail from Golden Trout Lake was not maintained and sometimes difficult to find and often covered with landslides. Oh well.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine, White Mountains - 9 August 2006

An easy day up in the White Mountains visiting the ancient Bristlecone Pines.



Old mine entrance.















Lone Pine Peak - 11 August 2006

Lone Pine Peak (just to the left of middle) from Highway 395. Who thought it was a good idea to put the power lines on the west side of the road?

Lone Pine Peaks northeast ridge.

Bridget and Louis follow as we hike the Meysan Lake trail.



Looking up the chute leading to the plateau of Lone Pine Peak.

Looking back down toward the meadow where we went off trail.

Looking down the lower section of the chute. Can you see Bridget and Louis to the right of my shadow.

The never ending chute.

Louis and Bridget have turned back leaving me to climb on alone.

Near the top of the steepest section.

Another view.

The plateau starts to come into view.

the first of several false summits.

Looking southwest across the plateau. Mt. Langley on the far left.

looking southwest toward Mt. Corcoran and Mt. LeConte, Mt Mallory with Mt. Irvine on the far right.

Mt. Irvine and in the distance Mt. Muir and Mt. Whitney. On the far right Mt. Russell.

Looking southwest from the summit.

Self portrait from the summit. Meysan Lake to the left of my right eye.

Looking east from the summit at the Owens Valley far nearly 9,000 feet below.

Somewhere down there are Bridget and Louis waiting for me to join them.

Looking west at Mt. Muir, Mt. Whitney, and Mt Russell.

From the summit Lone Pine in the distance.

Grass Lake on the way out.

Detail of Grass Lake. See the grass?.

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