2007 Sierra Challenge
by Jim Wolff

Official website for the 2007 Sierra Challenge

9-12 August 2007

All words and photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.

Another year and another challenge. Unfortunately, this year we only had four days to devote to the challenge and we only managed to bag Cirque Peak on the first day out. We took Friday off then hiked the Mountaineers Route up to Iceberg Lake and on Sunday hike up to Meysan Lake. Still it was a great few days that we won't soon forget. Thanks to Bob for all the work he puts in to this event.

Cirque Peak - 9 August 2007

From Cirque Peak looking south.

Jim on the summit of Cirque Peak with Mt. Langley behind to the north.

Iceberg Lake via the Mountaineers Route - 11 August 2007

Irving making his way up through Clyde Meadow.

Cal, Peter, and Irving making leaving Clyde Meadow.

Cal, Peter, Jim, and Irving at Iceberg Lake with Mt. Whitney behind.

Meysan Lake - 12 August 2007

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