Three Peaks: Strawberry Peak,
Josephine Peak, and Mt. Lawlor.
San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles, California
by Jim Wolff

20 November 2005

All words and photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.

This was a hike I have considerd for several years and finally this year we did it. Instead of just doing Strawberry Peak or running around it (and not climbing to the summit) we would bag all three peaks in the area. I thought this would take about 5 hour but it wound up taking about 7.5 hours. Everyone was very tired at the end and some had used up all their water even though (thankfully) it was not a hot day. Enjoy.

Getting ready to start the hike at Clear Creek Station.

The lower section of the hike up to Josephine Saddle.

Lower section of trail.

Lower section of trail looking east. You can see Strawberry Peak on the left and Mt. Lawlor on the right in the distance.

From the lower section looking north to Josephine Peak.

The group reassembles at the top of Josephine fire road. Strawberry Peak in the distance.

Zhanna and Christina catching some sun.

From the summit of Josephine Peak looking down at the group following.

On the summit of Josephine Peak:
From left to right front row - Zhanna, Elena, Jim, Christina, Dana, Willy, and Peg
From left to right standing - Rob, Scott, Bridget, Cathy, Louis, and Irving.

Looking back down the west ridge of Strawberry Peak toward Colby Canyon.

Josephine Peak from the west ridge of Strawberry Peak.

Heading up the west ridge of Strawberry Peak nearing the start of the short class III section.

Looking down at Rob as he makes his way up the "trail".

Looking north with the nearly vertical north face of Strawberry peak on the right.

Looking up at Dana as we scramble up Strawberry Peak.

As you climb up to the summit try and follow the painted arrows.

Christina take a moment to plan her next move.

The group at the summit. Here is where I dropped my camera so we have no shots of Lawlor (Jim, Rob, Dana, Scott, Elena, Bridget, and Peg climbed Lawlor - the others were too tired.)

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