Peruvian Andes Running Adventure

11-27 July 2003


Andes Adventures website for detailed description.
Short trip report (preliminary), by Jim Wolff
Impressions of Peru 1 (poem), by Jim Wolff.

Final Packing

On the way to Cusco looking east toward the Andes.

A high peak from the plane.

Downtown Cusco, Plaza de Armas.

La Compania.

La Cathedral and El Triunfo.

Inca stones, Cusco.

Inca stones, Cusco.

Santa Teresa street, Hotel PicoAga on the right.

Courtyard of Hotel PicoAga.

On the road to the Sacred Valley.

Pisac on Sunday. Urubamba River.

Inca ruins above Pisac.

Terracing of the steep hillsides above Pisac.

Inca ruins above Pisac.

Inca ruins above Pisac.

Hipsters hanging out in Plaza de Armas, Cusco.

Resturant in Cusco.

Woman sits on the side of La Cathedral.

Cusco street.

The navel of the world in the Temple of the Sun, Cusco. Location where the Inca culture began. Now the Iglesia Santo Domingo.

Inca stones in the Iglesia Santo Domingo.

Above Cusco.



Sacsayhuaman and Jim.



On the road to the Sacred Valley. Women sell their homemade articles.

They make lots of bricks in Peru. We saw them everywhere.

More bricks. An interesting contrast with Inca stones.

Peruvian arts and crafts.

Woman cleaning wool yarn prior to dying it. She is using a root to create the suds.

Woman weaving a blanket.

Yarn with the material used to dye it. Peru is a country full of colors.

Mount Veronica in the Sacred Valley.

The bus and co-runners.

A typical street in a small village in the Sacred Valley.

Small child eating some lunch.

Woman selling coca leaves, water bottle holders, and water.

Guinie Pigs in Inca house.

Skulls of original owners/builders of Inca house.

Woman carrying branches.



The village of Ollanta from the top of Ollantaytambo.

Jim stands on top of large stone on top of Ollantaytambo.

Fellow runners on top of Ollantaytambo.

The clouds move in over the high peaks above the Sacred Valley of the Inca.

Urubamba River from the first section of the Inca Trail - Km77.

Moss in a tree.

Inca Trail near Km77.

Clouds over Inca Trail.

Tea time on the Inca Trail.

Cloud forest and porter on Inca Trail.

Cloud forest on Inca Trail.

Llulluchayoc gorge - 9,100 feet. Looking up to Warmiwanusq'a Pass (pass of the dead woman) at 13,779 feet.

Warmiwanusq'a Pass.

Phuyupatamarca where we camped on the second day on the Inca Trail.

Gifts are assembled for the porters.

Phuyupatamarca preparing to run the last 10 miles to Machu Picchu.

Winay Wayna (forever young) ruins along the Royal section of the Inca Trail.

Winay Wayna terraces.

Now familiar steep steps.

Intipunko (gateway of the sun) where we first saw Machu Picchu directly below.

Machu Picchu the last few yards of the Inca Trail.

From left to right: Stephanie, Dana, Lori, and Jim.


Inca bridge near Machu Picchu.

Bromiliades growing in tree near Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu

Views into the canyon from Machu Picchu.

Clouds above Machu Picchu.

Temple of the Sun, Machu Picchu.

Trapizoidal window, Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu, detail.

All the runners from left to right standing: Kirsten, Russel, Gary (2), Terry, Francoise, Sean, Stephanie, William, Jim, and Phyllis; kneeling: Jennie, Gary (1), Lori, and Dana.

Room with Three Windows.


Machu Picchu detail.

Stones - Machu Picchu

Jim on to top of Huayna Picchu (young mountain) above Machu Picchu with Machu Picchu mountain directly behind.

Stephanie climbs down the steep steps near the top of Huayna Picchu.

Tree, Machu Picchu.

Aguas Calientes.

Train back to Cusco.

Urubamba River from the train.

Woman selling corn.

On the road to Tinqui from Cusco.

First of a series of market shots - Vegetables.

Pumpkins on stairs.





More yarn.







Live chickens.

Woman selling potatoes.

Animal fat.

Women shopping.

Mount Ausangate.

Mt. Ausangate.

Trail leading from Tinqui toward Mt. Ausangate.

Children getting candy from Abelardo.

Alpine meadows.

Hot springs at the first camp near Upis.

Woman and baby.

Woman and baby, close-up.

Teenage girl.

Young girl.

Milton, horse rangler.

Another horse rangler.

Eating (red) and cooking (green) tents with Mt. Ausangate in the background.

Mt. Ausangate.

Jim near Mt. Ausangate and Laguna Jatun Pucaconcha - about 15,585 feet.

Jim at Palomani Pass - 16,600 feet.

Children in the high country on the way to Jampa.

Climbing up to Campa Pass - 16,400 feet.

Gitano and his son Milton on the climb up to Campa Pass.

Plants growing on rock in Campa Pass.


Women selling arts and crafts in the last camp - Pacchanta, 13,950 feet.

Gifts are assembled for cooks and horse ranglers.

Children crowd around Devy to get gifts.

The morning of the last day near Mt. Ausangate. A large storm rises up from the jungle to the east at dawn.

River near Tinqui.

Church doorway in the village of Ocongate.

Our bus.

Llama with decorations.




Lima, riot squad.

Riot police.

Window in Lima.

Detail in church in Lima.

Courtyard, Lima.

Skulls and bones in catacombs Lima.

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