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50 Trail Runs in Southern California

by Stan Swartz, Jim Wolff, and Samir Shahin M.D.

Hit the trails with the outdoor experts. Your expert guide to the hottest routes near Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Diego. The first in a series from The Mountaineers Books and Trail Runner Magazine

240 pages, 60 b&w photos, 51 maps, 50 elevation profiles

Available in April 2000

Our book was ranked third in the Los Angeles Times paperback nonfiction bestseller list in the May 14, 2000 edition.

 "Trail Running: From Novice to Master"
by Kirsten Poulin, Stan Swartz, and Christina Flaxel

An authoritative book for trail runners of all levels. Whether interested in an unhurried fitness run, pushing through a mountain marathon, or tackling a challenging multi-day adventure race, this easy access and thorough reference is the perfect guide. It outlines in great detail the differences between trail and road running, including how to make the transition from roads to trails. Route planning, environmental considerations, difficulty and skill levels are covered. Equipment needs are explained in detail, including a thorough section on trail shoes and what shoe features work with specific types of trails. Training principles are addressed with workouts for both on and off the trail, as well as drills for jumping and falling, and techniques for running up and down hills.

An entire chapter is dedicated to recovery, including stretching, warm-up and cool down, sleep, re-hydration, and nutrition. A special section on first aid covers common problems encountered with trail running, major and minor illnesses, and environment and animal-related illnesses. Environmental factors are addressed with information on navigation techniques with and without equipment, determining weather by understanding cloud and wind patterns and terrain, how to avoid dangerous animals and what to do in the event of an encounter, and recognizing and avoiding poisonous plants.

The last chapter is an in-depth look at the world of ultra running, adventure and expedition racing, and crewing. It includes specific training techniques for running the 50k to 100 miller, race strategies including inside tips from some of the best trail racers and adventure racers. Special concerns of nutrition, training, and recovery are addressed for these sports. Also included are a handy resource guide and equipment lists for short, medium, and long runs.

"Trail Running: From Novice to Master" is the definitive reference and a must-have for all trail runners It is available through and in local bookstores.

273 pages, 7 x 8 ½, paperbound, $16.95, ISBN 0-89886-840-8. Rights: W.

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Trail Runners Guide to Colorado : 50 Great Trail Runs by Phil Mislinski, Monique Cole, and Scott Boulbol - An excellent trail running book for those who live or visit Colorado.

Jogging the Mind - How to Use Aerobic Exercise As Meditation - By Barbara S. Green

  • The Elements of Effort - Reflections on the Art and Science of Running - By John Jerome

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