Amsterdam Marathon, Paris, New York City Marathon

18 October - 6 November 2001

[All photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.]

We had planned to go to Ireland but with the outbreak of hoof and mouth disease we changed our plans. Instead, I entered the Amsterdam Marathon and arranged to met up with my friend Lloyd, who was living and working in Berlin, and run it together. We would spend 4 days in Amsterdam and then take a fast train to Paris for seven full days. We had rented an apartment near the Hotel DeVille in the center of Paris. From Paris we flew back to Amsterdam and then on to New York City for the marathon. In New York we would met up with our friend Samir and Paulina and run the marathon together. Two marathons in two week on each side of the Atlantic.

Needless to say we had a blast in Amsterdam and took a side trip over to Harlem where Lloyd was staying with his girlfriend Christine.

Paris was great. It was so nice to have our own little apartment. It was as if really lived there since we often cooked our own meals. I did a lot of running in the city, something I didn't do when I was there in 1984. I got a real feel for the city and many of its neighborhoods and parks. I got a few strange looks on the metro in my running clothes but everyone one was nice.

It was a very strange time to be traveling since it was only about six weeks after 9/11. The news was filled with news of anthrax and terrorists. The TV in our Paris apartment did not have cable so it was all in French. Nevertheless, the pictures made it fairly easy to figure out what was going on.

In New York we visited the Empire State Building and later ground zero, which was still smoking. What a diaster. Samir, Paulina, and I ran several times in Central Park in the days before the marathon. On Marathon day we took the bus to the start together. The spirit and energy of the runners and the crowds was unreal. This was my third NYC marathon and it as the best.

by Jim Wolff

Jim and Lloyd at the start of the 2001 Amsterdam Marathon. [unknown photographer]

The runners leave the olympic stadium. Photo by Leona Wolff

Jim runs down the center of Amsterdam toward Dam Square.[unknown photographer]

Lloyd and Jim at the finish. [unknown photographer]

Dinner at a little nepalese resturant.[unknown photographer]



Leona walking along the Seine

Monet's garden.

La Grande Arche de la Defense

Arch de Triumph

Tunnel where P. Diana had her fatal accident.

Memorials to P. Diana


Eiffel Tower [unknown photographer]

Wow. Photo by Leona Wolff

See the stairs. These take you up to the first level.

The exit coming down.

Looking up from the ground.

Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach

Pointe Du Hoc. Photo by Leona Wolff

Pointe Du Hoc

Pointe Du Hoc

Paris subway.

Sacre-Coeur. Photo by Leona Wolff

Taking a break near Sacre-Coeur at bottom of steps. [unknown photographer]

Notre Dame Bell Tower

Our little apartment.

Six weeks after 9/11 the new NYC downtown skyline.

Near ground zero.

Near ground zero.

Ground zero, still smoking.

Near ground zero.

Jim, Paulina, and Samir near finish line of NYC Marathon the day before on a training run in Central Park. [photographer unknown]

Hal's Dad at VIP brunch, photo by Leona Wolff

Jim, Samir, Paulina, and Paulina's friend on Staten Island before the start of the marathon. [photographer unknown]

Jim on the Verazzano Narrows Bridge at the start of the race. Photo by Paulina's friend.

The marathon winners at the award ceremony, Tavern on the Green. Photo by Leona Wolff.

Jim is still full of energy at the finish of the marathon. Photo by Leona Wolff

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