Hawaii Trip
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27 December 2002 - 4 January 2003

Day one - 12/27/02

Flew to Honolulu, ate, swam, relaxed.

Day two - 12/28/02

  • Ran to top of Diamond Head, saw two huge rainbows.
  • Took taxi to Sea Life Park, Nicole got to interact with dolphins.

Day three - 12/29/02

  • Drove rental car to Hanauma Bay and went snorkling with Nicole. Saw lots of fish.
  • Drove to North Shore. All the big surf beaches were flat.
  • Hike to Wiamea Falls watched cliff divers.
  • Saw Wiamea, Pipeline, and Sunset beaches.
  • Drove back to Honolulu.

Day four - 12/30/02

  • Went for a short run in the Diamond Head area.
  • Swam in pool.
  • Swam at Waikiki.
  • Hiked Diamond Head with Leona and Nicole.
  • Relaxed.

Day five - 12/31/02

  • Flew to Kona.
  • Listened to New Years Eve fireworks

Day six - 1/1/03

  • Drove to Hilo then on to Pahoa to visit our cousin Riley.
  • Ate in Pahoa - the only place that was open was Jo Mama and they served free homemade bread and blackeye bean soup for good luck in the new year. It was very good. Played a little guitar and piano.
  • Drove to Riley's farm then went to Ahalanui, which is a little park on the beach with a large volcanically heated pool. We all went swiming and enjoyed the view of surf entering the pool through a small channel.
  • Riley and I then drove to a black sand beach, which was also a nude beach, so we didn't take Nicole. We only stayed a few minutes.
  • We all then drove up to the village of Volcano and took an evening drive around the Kilauea Caldera.
  • Spent the night in a very large two storied cabin in the woods.

Day seven - 1/2/03

  • The next morning after breakfast Leona's mom was not feeling well so Nicole and I took a day time drive back to the caldera. We walked through the lava tube and took a short hike out to the edge of the caldera.
  • Leona and Riley were going to take Ruth to a doctor and we had all agreed to meet there at 1 PM. As we drove past a military base on the north side of the caldera, I noticed an ambulance and also Riley's car out front. We pulled in and Leona, Ruth, and Riley were there. They were just about to take Ruth to Hilo. We all drove to Hilo and eventually Ruth was released. By this time it was very late and we drove back to the Kona side of the island.

Day eight - 1/3/03

  • Nicole and I got up and when for a four hour snorkling boat tour. The surf was way up with 6 to 8 foot waves. The only place we could snorkel with the big waves coming in from the north was in Kealakekua Bay, where Captain Cook was killed. Again saw lots of fish and it was a great experience. We also saw three schools of dolphins (spotted, spinner, and bottlenose) as we motored around. No whales.
  • After snorkling I had about an hour before my trip up to Manua Kea, 13,796 feet. It is considered the tallest mountain in the world from the base to the summit. It also has the worlds most powerful telescopes. The tour was great and inlcuded a sunset photo shoot at the summit and then stargazing at the 9,000 foot level.
  • Leona, Ruth, and Nicloe went to a Luau at the Kona Village resort while I was up on the mountain.
  • This was a long day.

Day nine - 1/4/03

  • Spent the day flying home.

We arrive in Honolulu

Waikiki Beach

Entrance to Diamond Head State Monument - I ran up there one morning.

On the way up to the summit of Diamond Head

Some of the many steps near the top of Diamond Head.

View from top of Diamond Head looking at Honolulu. Great rainbow.

Near Sea Life Park looking west.

Nicloe, Leona, and Ruth at the Sea Lion show at Sea Life Park.

Sea Lions.

Near Sea Life Park looking south.

Nicole near dolphin tank.

Nicole near dolphin tank.

Unknown tourists swimming with dolphins.

More dolphin interaction.

Walphin - a cross between a dophin and a killer whale thought to be the only one on Earth.

Nicole gets instruction at "Splash University" at Sea Life Park.

More instruction.

In the pool with the Walphin and another dolphin for interaction.

Nicole is requested to dance for the instructors before receiving her diploma.

Finally graduation.

Hang loose dolphin girl.

Hula dancers Waikiki

Waimia Bay - completly flat the day we were there.

Jim wonders why there are no big waves!

Nicole is hungry.

Wiamia Falls - see the diver to the right.

Nicole with the divers and hula dancer.

Jim, Leona, and Nicole near the falls.

Monkey Pod trees are great.

Wiamia creek?

Birds and fish.

Monet eat your heart out.

Pipeline beach - very flat with waves breaking right on the sand.

Another day at the top of Diamond Head with Leaon and Nicole.

Lighthouse below Diamond Head

View from our Waikiki Hotel.

Our last night in Honolulu. On to the Big Island.

Take off.

Islands along the way including views of Maui.

New Years Eve fireworks in Kona.

On the way to visit cousin Riley we stop to see Akaka Falls.

Akaka Falls.

Yes, we really were there.

We meet up with Riley in Pohua. It is new years day and Jo Mama's is the only place open. They served us fee blackeyed beans and home made bread.

Cousin Riley and his bananas. He has a 12 acre farm.

Riley's living room. No windows just screens.

A volcano warmed pool on the beach.

Nicole, Leona, and Jim enjoy a swim.

A relatively new black sand beach. All the nude people are behind me.

Lava flows from 1955.

Typical beach shot. Sorry about the horizon.

Another one.

Leona and Riley near his house. The first of three he plans to build.

Our "little" house in Volcano Villiage.

Breakfast the next morning.

Nicole and Jim in the Thurston Lava tube.

Various shots as we drove around the Kiluea caldera.

Ruth got sick and has to be taken to Hilo about 30 miles away.

Riley showed me the Hilo farmers market where he hopes to sell all his produce.

Old downtown Hilo.

The waterfront where the tidal waves wash in.

Nicole on board the snorkling boat. We saw three schools of dolphins.

Captain Cook monument where we went snorkling. The surf was big that day and this was the only place we could snorkel safely. This is also the spot where Captain Cook was killed.

After snorkeling for four hours. Jim hops in a van and drives to the summit of Mauna Kea.

Vistors center at 9,000 feet.

The handing our of parkas for the cooler temperatures above.

A mile or so above the visitors center the road is dirt for about 2 miles.

Mauna Loa in the distance.

The earths most powerful telescopes.

The Cal Tech telescope.

Twin Keck telescopes.

The Subaru telescope.

Jim on the summit of Mauna Kea at sunset. I am facing west.

Just before take off on the way back to LA.

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