Joshua Tree, Boy Scout Trail Run

25 January 2004

[All photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.]

Short trip report

To be determined

by Jim Wolff

Getting ready for the run at the Quail Springs trailhead at the south end of the Boy Scout Trail in Joshua Tree, California.

About .8 miles up the trail.

A nice wide sandy trail.

Joshua Tree.

Boy Scout Trail.

Rob, Dana, and Peg lead the way.


The middle part of the run is in a dry steam bed.

Baby cactus.

Daddy cactus.

Peg cresting the highest point on the trail.

The view north toward Indian Cove.

Narrow sections of canyon on the north side.

Indian Cove Ranger Station where you can get water and use the restroom.

Looking south toward the mountains we just ran through.

The climb back up to the crest.

Golden grass and cactus.

Great for rock climbing.

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