Mt. Baldy Hike

From Mt. Baldy Village to the Summit then down to Baldy Notch

14 September 2002

This is a tough hike as you can see from the elevation/mileage profile below (after the photos). Zhanna, Jim, and Paul reached the summit in just under 5 hours. Willy arrived about 15 minutes later followed by Simin and Samir about 30 later. We began the hike in Mt. Baldy Village at 4,000 feet. The summit is 10,064 feet. [All photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.]

This was my fifth hike to the summit of Mt. Baldy. I am always amazed at how steep the trail is. There are very few switchbacks as the trail follows the narrow ridge. Try and start early to avoid the hot sections and carry lots of water. The views are excellent.

Samir Shahin's Hike Report

Group shot at trailhead near Mt. Baldy Village. [Photo by Zhanna Drantyev]

Zhanna and Jim relax in the shade early in the hike. [Photo by Paul Spencer]

Samir and Paul hike the lower sections of the steep trail from Mt. Baldy Village.

Samir, Zhanna, and Paul enjoy the dramatic background across the canyon.

Mt. Baldy Road far below. [Photo by Paul Spencer]

Willy and Simin climbing steadily.

Willy and Zhanna pose for a shot in lunar-like landscape about a mile below the summit.

The summit is visible in the distance.

A wide shot of the ridge, now reduced to just the width of the trail.

Looking back down the trail, you can just make out Paul catching up with us.

Looking back down the trail, again, this time in panorama shot. That might be Samir hiking up. [Photo by Paul Spencer]

Views to the northeast. [Photo by Paul Spencer]

One of Baldy's many rugged canyons.

The summit of Mt. San Antonio or "Mt. Baldy".

Wide shot of summit and rock shelter. [Photo by Paul Spencer]

Group photo, from left to right seated: Jim, Simin, Zhanna, Paul; standing Willy and Samir. [Photo by an unknown hiker w/Jim's camera.]

Group photo, from left to right seated: Jim, Simin, Zhanna, Paul; standing Willy and Samir. [Photo by an unknown hiker w/Paul's digital camera.]

Jim strikes a pose. Don't look back! [Photo by Paul Spencer]

Zhanna with Mt. Baden Powell in the distance.

Simin with Mt. Baden Powell and smoke from the Cruise fire in the distance. No she didn't hike all the way up barefooted.

Paul on the summit. [Photo by Jim Wolff or Samir Shahin ?]

In the snack bar at Baldy Notch we enjoy a well deserved break. From here we took the ski lift down to the car.

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