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Mt. Baldy Hike

From Mt. Baldy Village to the Summit then down to Baldy Notch

5 July 2003

This is a tough hike as you can see from the elevation/mileage profile below (after the photos). This year a large group of us hiked up the steep trail. We began the hike in Mt. Baldy Village at 4,000 feet. The summit is 10,064 feet. [All photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.]

This was my sixth hike to the summit of Mt. Baldy and also the weekend before my big trip to Peru. I am always amazed at how steep the trail is. There are very few switchbacks as the trail follows the narrow ridge. Try and start early to avoid the hot sections and carry lots of water. The views are excellent.

See last years Mt. Baldy pictures.

Samir's report from last year's hike.

The first rest stop about 1.5 miles from the start in Bear Meadow.

Lena trying to hitch a ride to the summit.

About a mile below the summit.

Group photo: From left to right: Standing - Gustavo, Irving, Samir, Paulina,Zhanna, Jim, Urah, Paul, Dale, Denise, Reza. Not standing - unknown, Lena, and Staci. [photo by an unknown hiker]

Zhanna and Gustavo on the summit.

Jim showing off. [photo by Paul Spencer, I think?]

Lena has great balance.

Yaaaoowwwwa, Urah gets physical.

Gustavo attempting the same pose as Lena.

Paul taking a little nap.

Staci sitting this one out.

The summit of Mt. San Antonio or "Mt. Baldy".

View looking up toward the summit on the way back down.

View looking down from the summit along the Devil's Backbone trail.

View from the ski lift back to the parking lot from Baldy Notch.

Ski lifts coming in for a landing.

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