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Winter photos in the Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu -

Trailmind photos of triathlete Antonella De Mari

A few photos of Trailmind out and about.


Jim meets the great Muhammad Ali at the LA Marathon expo.

Jim meets the great Carl Lewis at the 1996 NYC Marathon expo.

Jim at the start of the 1996 NYC Marathon

Jim charges up to the summit of Cloud's Rest in Yosemite with Half Dome in the background.

Jim and friends on the summit of Cloud's Rest.

Kirsten, Amy, Jim, Samir, Zhanna, and Irving pose at Nike site. Photo by Samir Shahin M.D.

From left to right Paul, Amy, Todd, Jim, Kirsten, and Larry on the South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon, October 2000. What a great trip.

From left to right Paul, Kirsten, Amy, Todd, Jim, and Larry on the North Rim, Grand Canyon Lodge, Grand Canyon, October 2000. We don't really look tired? Wow.

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