Yosemite 2003

21 September 2003

All photos by Jim Wolff unless otherwise noted.


Short trip report (preliminary), by Jim Wolff

Photos, by Stephanie Golaski

View of Clouds' Rest from Olmstead Point.

Group picture at Olmstead Point. Photo by Patty's husband Dave.

More picture taking, Olmstead Point.

Irving climbs a rock.

Another group photo.

And another.

Lake Tenaya, from the west end.

Lake Tenaya.

Jim Wolff. Photo by Jeff Clyman.

Irving and Jim. Photo by Jeff Clyman

Irving and Jim. Photo by Jeff Clyman

Forest, the deer were too fast.

Forest, again too fast the deer.


Approaching the last section to the summit of Clouds' Rest.

Rock assembly.

Tree from the front.

Tree from the side.

Looking back at Lake Tenaya from the summit ridge of Clouds' Rest.

Small boys play on the edge Clouds' Rest above Tenaya Canyon.

View of Half Dome and Yosemite Valley from summit of Clouds' Rest.

Jim on summit of Clouds' Rest. Photo by Amy Hodges

Amy Hodges on summit of Clouds' Rest.

Beautiful trail runners on summit of Clouds' Rest.

Half Dome.

Irving running up the last few yards of Clouds' Rest.

Irving, granite, and trees.

Jim and Half Dome. Photo by Irving Hoffman.

Irving running the trail.

Dramatic views from trail below Clouds' Rest. Photo by Irving Hoffman.

Half Dome.

Half Dome

Nevada Falls

Jim and Nevada Falls. Photo by Irving Hoffman.

Merced River above Emerald Pool.

Irving above Vernal Falls.

Merced River.

Steps on the Mist Trail below Vernal Falls.

Steps on the Mist Trail below Vernal Falls.

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